Crypto Weekly Wrap: July 26 - Aug 1

Is the supercyle bull run back? We think so.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum posted solid gains this past week, giving strong sentiment that the market is revving up for a comeback in line with the classic bull runs of 2013 and 2017. At Coinpad, we are bullish and buying!

Below are the top news stories that Coinpad has been following over the past week, followed by some of Coinpad’s crypto plays over the week. But first, our disclaimer needs to be noted: the information provided below, as well as on our website (, does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such.

Please make sure you read our description below on Drip Network as we are giving away up to 20 DRIP tokens to the next 5 subscribers who register on our site (it’s free with perks!)

Weekly news wrap

Bitcoin 'supercycle' sets up Q4 BTC price top as illiquid supply hits all-time high

Amazon plans to accept Bitcoin payments this year, claims insider

MicroStrategy pledges to buy more BTC despite paper loss on its holdings of $424.8M in Q2

PayPal set to launch crypto trading in the UK and may embrace DeFi

Why everyone in crypto is talking about the London Hard Fork

Why Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Seeing A Mass Exodus

Crypto CEOs Are Still Six-Figures Bullish on Bitcoin’s Price spearheads the transition from Ethereum to Cardano-based DeFi

Waiting for Alonzo: Cardano smart contracts creep toward full launch

Coinpad’s plays:

One of the reasons why we picked the last two articles in the list above is that we are extremely bullish on Cardano (ADA) and have been in accumulation mode of this coin for the last two weeks after it slid below $1.20. For anyone unfamiliar with the coin, we suggest you read this recent article that provides a concise overview of the coin that is slated to take significant market share away from Ethereum. We hate to make price predictions at Coinpad, but we see much more room for price growth than price deprecation over the coming weeks for ADA, which is why we are buying.

Another coin we have been accumulating over the past week is Ergo (ERG), which we view as one of crypto’s most promising and least known “hidden-gems”. Ergo is a revolutionary UTXO-based blockchain protocol built to be an efficient and secure financial contracts platform with innovative new DeFi functionality. In our assessment, Ergo stands out as unique project trying to solve the many problems in Bitcoin's blockchain regarding security and scalability and creating an efficient and secure way to implement financial contracts. As we accumulate ERG, we are also earning approximately 30% APY by providing liquidity in the ERG-USDT liquidity pool on

Finally, we have been adding to our positions on the DeFi protocol Drip Network , which is a low-risk, high reward contract that operates similarly to a high yield certificate of deposit by paying out 1% daily return on investment up to 365%. The DRIP token soared from under 3$ in early May to over $50 in mid July, before tapering off to just under $28 at the time of writing. Yet in this smart contract, price really does not matter as Drip rewards are given at a rate of 1% a day with the option of compounding or claiming. The project has a lot of partnerships, a reputable and transparent developer, and a strong community, which is why we are so bullish that we are giving away up to 20 DRIP tokens to the next 5 subscribers who register on our site (it’s free with perks!) Simply register on our site, then send us an email at with the Subject “DRIP”. Tell us that you have registered from reading this article and we will send you 1 DRIP to your Binance Smart Chain address (that’s $28 at the time of writing). If you are new tp the Drip Network and decide to deposit that 1 Drip into the DeFi contract to earn 1% a day, we will then airdrop you 4 more Drip (that’s $112 at the time of writing). All you have to do for this airdrop is use our referral address when you deposit (you need to have a referral address to deposit into the contract).

That’s all for this week folks, if you found our information helpful, please think about following us on Twitter at @Coinpadhome and don’t forget to register on our site at for many great perks while we launch.